La Jolla Real Estate Offers Housing at its Finest

One of the most affluent communities in the country, the La Jolla real estate area offers a mixture of sophisticated charm with the carefree attitude of Southern California. La Jolla real estate is located only 15 minutes from downtown San Diego, and boasts gorgeous scenery, deluxe accommodations, and abundant recreational opportunities. Home to the nation’s wealthiest and most prestigious individuals, La Jolla real estate offers the kind of extravagance that most of us rarely encountered.Seaside Beauty Encompasses La Jolla Real EstateDeemed the “jewel” of San Diego by residents, the La Jolla real estate area is encircled by immeasurable coastal beauty only found along the coastline of Southern California. Surrounded by magnificent beaches, towering palm trees, and breathtaking ocean views, La Jolla real estate offers the absolute best that the Northern San Diego area has to offer.La Jolla real estate is blessed with an ideal climate, with temperatures only topping a pleasant 75 degrees in the summer months, and temperatures only dropping to 50 degrees in the winter time. This desirable climate allows residents of La Jolla real estate to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors all year long. Golfers, swimmers, surfers and fisherman can take advantage of the perfect La Jolla weather throughout the year.La Jolla Real Estate Filled with Luxurious AccommodationsLa Jolla real estate offers numerous housing options available for almost any accommodation. The La Jolla area differs from most modern suburbs in the fact that most of its housing is custom built, opposed to the usual manufactured and tract housing. Ranch houses, bungalows, condominiums and townhouses, in addition to mansions and estates, compose the majority of La Jolla real estate.La Jolla real estate is some of the most sought after, as well as, the most expensive in all of the United States. Average La Jolla real estate prices range from $900,000 to more than $12 million. With breathtaking views, dazzling beaches, and a myriad of entertainment and recreation options throughout the area, many consider this a small price to pay for the opportunity to own real estate in the esteemed La Jolla community.Various Recreational Options Surround La Jolla Real EstateThe La Jolla real estate area is notorious for its outstanding availability of recreation and entertainment activities. La Jolla Cove is a favorite of residents and vacationers alike because of its crystal clear, calm waters. Those who enjoy snorkeling, swimming, or scuba diving are drawn to the Cove, and consider it an ideal place for aquatic activities. Located in the shopping and dining district of La Jolla, Prospect Street offers everything from the latest fashion trends, to works by world renowned artists. Shops, boutiques, restaurants and art galleries line this famed street, and present the best of the areas offerings. The La Jolla real estate community is celebrated for its culture and surroundings, and remains one of the finest areas in all of Southern California.

Hot Real Estate Deals Await Retirees

A modern, metropolitan city bursting at the seams with hot real estate deals awaits retirees in the form of Panama City, Panama, where 450,000 people work, live, and play. The city is growing in popularity with foreign retirees, businesspeople, and investors, and the reasons may surprise you. Panama has the vitality of other international cities such as San Francisco, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong. Here are some reasons why retirement here is a good idea:• The Panamanian economy is thriving and is one of the most stable in Latin America. Because of the constant cash flow generated by industries supported by the Canal, business is thriving and cash is readily available in Panama.• The American dollar is the currency. Panamanians call it the “Balboa,” and retirees are glad they don’t have to deal with conversion tables or new currency.• Panama also boasts a varied climate that would suit any retiree. From miles and miles of dry, windy beaches to hot, sunny lowlands up to the cooler mountain climes of Chiriqui.• The people of Panama are friendly and use to foreigners.• Compared to the United States, life in Panama is relatively inexpensive. Though prices are similar to those in the U.S., the quality of life here is good by any standard. Products from all over the world can be found in Panama City at real market prices, thanks to the Canal.• Panama also has a great discount program for seniors. That’s 50 per cent off just about everything from doctor’s visits to air fares, electricity, theater trips, restaurants, and mortgage rates.• With fiber optic telephone lines and ASDL Internet, communications in Panama City are becoming more and more reliable.• If you speak English, no problémo. English is widely used.• The modern American infrastructure makes Panama City seem like a home away from home. One of the advantages of living in Panama City is that it has the many familiar services and comforts of home.• Panama is as safe as any city its size.• Many real estate opportunities await investors, and you just might find the gem you’re looking for.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Become a One Man (or One Woman) Brand

f you are interested in becoming a luxury real estate market leader in your area, become a one man (or one woman) brand. Think of a famous living, modern, avant garde, architect. Who comes to mind, first? Chances are, if you are interested in modern architecture, your answer will be Frank Gehry. Now, he is an outstanding example of a one man brand.Mr. Gehry designed Disney Hall in downtown Los Angeles. It is a gathering of odd shapes that all seem to work together in a single architectural composition. The building illustrates the innovative brand of architecture that characterizes Frank Gehry’s style. Like Gehry and his work, your personal brand, your unique way of doing business has to have a look, an experience that is unmistakably yours.If you want an avant-garde building and you can pay the price, Frank Gehry is the go-to architect. His buildings are always distinctive, the stand-outs in the skyline. They make a statement. They become landmarks. He experiments with all types of building materials and he strives to make the impossible possible. This is his brand, his niche, and his legacy.Marketing is a deliberate strategy in which the unique signal of a brand, which summarizes the entire experience of interacting with a person, product or service, is broadcast to the precise audience who is a match to that brand or signal. Without a well defined brand and the awareness of the target audience who is looking for that brand, signals will get crossed.In the absence of a clearly articulated signal, marketing is reduced to generalities and can be a waste of time, energy and money for you and your potential clients. It is the like asking someone for a referral for an architect without stating what style you prefer. If done right marketing presorts the potential audience. Those looking for a traditional style would simply not be interested in Gehry. And, Gehry (or his organization), doesn’t have the time to field inquiries made by those seeking a conservative look.Take note of the market leaders in other professions like Frank Gehry, to get clues for your own luxury real estate marketing practice. Clearly define your market niche (avant garde architecture) and your unique brand of doing business. Send out a clear signal to your specific target market and you will see for yourself that marketing completely factors out sales in the equation of acquiring new clients, because they will be pre-sold!